• January Garnet

    Garnet comes from a large family of different varieties including the green varieties tsavorite and grossularite, the pinkish- purple varieties rhodalite, the strong purple color change variety known as the alexandrite type garnet and the orange variety spessartite. all are fine to use for alternatives.

  • February Amethyst

    As there are no alternatives to this birthstone, amethyst comes in a wide variety of shades and also a lighter green hue.
  • March Aquamarine

    As there are no alternatives to this birthstone, aquamarine comes in various shades of blue.
  • April Diamond

    Alternatives can include, but are not limited to silver topaz, white sapphire, white zircon and any other color variety of diamond.
  • May Emerald

    As this birthstone does not have an alternative, you can choose from various shades of green.
  • June Pearl

    Alternatives for june include all varieties of moonstone and the phenomenal color change alexandrite stone.
  • July Ruby

    As there are no alternatives to this birthstone, ruby does come in various shades of red with possible phenomenal properties.
  • August Peridot

    As there are no alternatives to this birthstone, peridot comes in various shades of lighter green.
  • September Sapphire

    Every color of the rainbow can be acquired for september.
  • October Opal

    If opal does not suite everyone the second in line for october is pink tourmaline and various shades of the tourmaline family including watermelon tourmaline which includes pink, green, and blue.
  • November Imperial Topaz

    Imperial topaz is extremely precious, any alternatives can include but are not limited too, various shades of citrine, topaz and yellow cats eye crysoberyl.
  • December Blue Zircon

    December is a very special month that can be swapped out with any other shade of zircon, any shade of turquoise and any shade of tanzanite.