Mindy and Eric

Meet Our Head Jewelry Designer Melinda

Hello my name is Melinda (aka Mindy).  I have been the head bench jeweler here at Cambridge Jewelers for almost 18 years.  If you are ever looking for unique or custom jewelry or to modify some of your current jewelry, I am your girl.  I love to create pieces that you won’t find in the mainstream.

Mindy and Eric’s Story

My husband Eric and I met almost 23 years ago. He has always inspired my creative side and has been supportive of me and my daughter in everything we do.   To no surprise, after a year of being together, I asked him to marry me.

Our Wedding

Mindy and Eric's WeddingSome would say I am not a traditional girl (although I do have an appreciation for nice traditional vintage jewelry.)   When we finally decided to tie the knot after being together for 21 years, we did it in a nonconventional way.  My dad married us on a beautiful summer day at Virginia Kendall park by the ledges with close family.

There was no dress, no suit, no flowers just us and 2 rings.  We picked our rings from the Lashbrook collection.Lashbrook Wedding Rings My ring was made with damasks steel with an inlay of 14k rose gold.  Again, not your traditional wedding ring for a bride.  Eric’s ring is made of a rock finish zirconium with a meteorite inlay that has an inlay of 14k rose gold.

A year later we had a wonderful wedding reception with all our family and friends at Stone Ledge farms in Twinsburg.   I did wear a dress this time but not your traditional white dress it was black more my style.

Experience the Difference at Cambridge Jewelers

Located in historic Hudson Ohio for over 25 years, we are proud of our heritage and service to our customers.  We offer a full range of jewelry options including fashion and bridal jewelry, on-site jewelry repair services, vintage and estate jewelry collections, and exclusive gift items.  If you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece, come in and ask for Mindy. Our unique custom designed jewelry is created in-house by our artisans and customers. Come in and “Experience the Difference” today!

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